For uncoil to obtain ad to product/order attribution and Ad Set User Journey visualizations when utilizing the Shopify App CartHook for upsells for your product, we require you to install the Uncoil CartHook App to your carthHook account.

To setup CartHook to work with Uncoil follow these simple steps:

Step 1

In one tab, Go login into Uncoil and navigate to your accounts integration page.
In another tab, Go login to your CartHook Account you wish to integrate with Uncoil.

Step 2

Within the Uncoil on the integration screen, click "Connect" on the CartHook Integration.  

Step 3

You will be redirected to CartHook to confirm the integration. Press the Confirm Button to save your changes. Now going forward you will have ad to product/order attribution for your cartHook sales within Shopify.

Setup complete, Great work!

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