At Uncoil, we give you insights based on the performance of your ad campaigns. These insights are generated by your own data so you get you own unique recommendations just for your business. Super cool right?!?! 

As you may know when buying media not all ad campaigns can’t be treated in the same way, each strategy is different, each type of budget & objectives can be different. These type of variables will effect the unique recommendations generated for your business by Uncoil. For us to fully understand your strategies, we need to identify the retargeting campaigns you currently have running for your store.

How to setup Retargeting Campaign for Uncoil

The first and only step for you is very simple. Its goal is identifying what is a retargeting campaign vs a prospecting campaign.

We ask that you add an additional _ _fbret_ _ to the beginning of the campaign title of your retargeting ad campaigns. We will assume everything else is a prospecting campaign. This way when we are analyzing the ads data we can easily identify the campaign types, providing Uncoil with much more insight into your business enabling us to help you better!

An Example Campaign Name:

__fbret__Complex - Retargeting - CBO

Where is this going?

Don't worry, you won't have to add an addition to the title forever, we are currently working towards building a way to automatically detect different campaign strategies like retargeting.

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