If you are seeing a small orange circle next to your ad, ad set or campaign on your Advertisements page,  this means the metrics for this specific item are being calculated using Facebook data only.

There  are 2 reasons why this can occur:

  1. There has been no sales made by this ad/ad set since you integrated with Uncoil or in the last 7 days.  Once there is a sale, you will be able to see attribution metrics and the circle will disappear.

  2. Your Shopify data is not available as Uncoil’s tracking code hasn’t been added to your ad. Uncoil’s tracking is only added to the new ads that have been created AFTER you integrated with Uncoil. The reason it’s done this way is because adding tracking to already existing ads would send them into review on Facebook which could affect their performance (ex. ad not being approved, ad not reaching same performance level after being approved).  Uncoil is still able to provide insights on existing ads based on Facebook data, including spend, gross profit, revenue, and so on. Any new ads created after integrating with Uncoil, will automatically include tracking code and will include product attribution insights. 

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