When you integrate with Uncoil, you first connect your Facebook and then choose what ad account you authorize Uncoil  to access. The Uncoil Platform only has access to the Ad Account you select. Uncoil’s tracking code is only added to the URLs of the ads of the ad accounts that Uncoil was given permission to access.

It's added so our advanced technology can unify Shopify data with Facebook data, and attribute your product sales to specific ads, audiences etc… thereby allowing our  AI to predictively suggest  ways for you to make more sales and more profit!

Don’t worry, the code doesn’t know overwrite any of your UTM parameters or affect your tracking. 

If you run your Facebook ads to in-between pages first (VSL/landing/presell pages etc), those pages will need to be tagged as well. You can learn how to tag your in-between page HERE

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