UTM parameters are simply tags that anyone can add to the end of a URL to tell a tracking platform (like Google Analytics) more about a link that someone click to get to your website. 

There are different UTM parameters that you can add to your website links. Let's look at an example below. 


Source - utm_source=
Medium - utm_medium=
Content (optional) - utm_content=
Campaign - utm_campaign= 

These UTM Params should be able to help you answer some basic questions about the traffic:

  1. What is the source of the traffic?

  2. How is traffic being directed to page?

  3. Why is it directed towards my page?

Parameters Types Explained:


This is where the traffic is being referred from.
Example: utm_source=facebook If a post was made of Facebook.


A way to describe the placement of the post.
Example: utm_medium=social would be used if a post was made on twitter.


An identifier for your campaign.
Example:  utm_campaign=fb_weekly_post

These parameters are optional:

Extra identifier, Primarily used in A/B testing and identifying specific posts.

Example: utm_content=10percentoff

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