If you already have a Google Tag Manager account you can go ahead and skip this step.

Lets begin by making sure that GTM is properly set up.

  1. Go to Google Tag Manager and create an account

  2. Create a container for your site

  3. Add the container snippet to your site

Once the account is set up the next step is to create a tag for the Uncoil tracking code.

Creating a Tag for Uncoil

A tag is a snippet of code that sends information to a third party, in this case Uncoil. By using GTM you can specify the tags & scripts that you want to fire and when do you want them to fire using the user interface.

Step 1: Inside of your site's container go to the Tags tab.

Step 2: Click on New to add a new tag.

Step 3: In the pop out window name your tag.

Step 4: Click on the Tag Configuration box and in the scroll down menu choose Custom HTML tag.

Step 5: Copy and paste the tracking code from your Uncoil to the text box that appears. Make sure the code is placed within an opening and closing script tags.

Step 6: In order to make sure that the code is available on all pages click on the Triggering box and choose Fire on: All Pages.

Step 7: Click Create tag.

Step 8: Click Publish to implement the updates.

That's It! Sales on your ads and products will appear in Uncoil within a few minutes, as long as users are visiting your site and converting.

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