UTM parameters are simply tags that anyone can add to the end of a URL to tell a tracking platform (like Google Analytics) more about a link that someone click to get to your website. 

There are different UTM parameters that you can add to your website links. Let's look at an example below. 

Example Social Link:


Links are made up of 4 UTM Params:

Source - utm_source=
Medium - utm_medium=
Content (optional) - utm_content=
Campaign - utm_campaign= 

These UTM Params should be able to help you answer some basic questions about the traffic:

  1. What is the source of the traffic?
  2. How is traffic being directed to page?
  3. Why is it directed towards my page?

Parameters Types Explained:


This is where the traffic is being referred from.
Example: utm_source=facebook If a post was made of Facebook.


A way to describe the placement of the post.
Example: utm_medium=social would be used if a post was made on twitter.


An identifier for your campaign.
Example:  utm_campaign=fb_weekly_post

These parameters are optional:

Extra identifier, Primarily used in A/B testing and identifying specific posts.

Example: utm_content=10percentoff

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